Steamy Chick: Demystifying the V Steam is a short insight into the ancient practice and benefits of vaginal steaming. Featuring Keli Garza of Steamy Chick. Produced, directed, and written by Aria, this is a proof of concept for a feature length documentary currently in the works.

The International Comedian is a documentary short on the importance of multi-cultural storytelling in modern mainstream media, following the life and work of West African/Dutch comedian Samba Schutte. 

A USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism original production by Aria Bruss. Click Here to View in Full on USC's IMPACT Channel

The Other Room

A bright teenage boy has a chance encounter with a popular high-school girl. She has no idea he's getting social advice from experts in the other room. The script was originally written for stage winning the VSA (Very Special Arts) Award for young playwright Ariadne Blayde and is currently in circulation being showcased in high-school theater departments across the nation. This adapted short is an ode to neurodiversity. Follow along on Facebook at:

The Other Room

Red Tide

An artists odyssey into bioluminescence.  Official music video for performing artist Knightly Bird 

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