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Born and raised in Southern California in  a multicultural family of entertainment professionals and globally concerned activists, I became obsessed with visual arts and their ability to affect change from a young age. 


With a Master’s degree in Communications Management (Change Making Media) with honors from USC and a BA in Sociology (Social Impact of Film and Visual Arts) from UCLA, I say, forgive student debt already, please!


For over 15 years I have worked as a volunteer and served as Director of International Relations to the Pacific Rim Institute for Development and Education, an NGO holding special consultative status with the UN’s ECOSOC and dedicated to orphaned children and women’s rights. 

Thankfully both work and family life have given me the opportunity to travel and create lasting relationships with locals throughout Mainland China, West Africa, the Pacific Islands, Central America, and Europe, instilling in me a deeper understanding and respect for the underrepresented peoples and indigenous traditions of the world. 


As an artist, empath, and humanitarian, I am most interested in lending my creative energies to the development of narratives and visions that have been overshadowed for too long, and teaming up with others who dare to do the same. Healers of the world, I stand with you.

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